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Fuck You

30. September 2014

Well this is fantastic!
I get an email today saying my supervisor is leaving and I now have to pick a new project or basically do the entire project on my own with no help from a supervisor for semester 2 in another lab, but I know if I pick a new project I’ll get a physical one and I really don’t want that.

I hate people that are like ‘why me?’ All the time but lately it feels like shit has defiantly been piling on me more than others.

And it doesn’t help that I have an initial report due in less than 3 weeks and now I have to consider having to redo all my reading and research on a new topic or basically get no help for half a year.

I really liked this is project too


A creepy middle aged dude came to our house at like 11pm looking for my flatmate and he’d written this super weird letter to her confessing his love and she says she’s never heard of him so now I’m really worried for her. Like how did he know where we live? We’ve all made sure she texts us to let us know where she’s going whenever she leaves uni and work but this is not good. Poor lass.

Not happy with things at the moment

Fucking bullshit


Tire Swing // Dad Punchers

Sad Friends

22. September 2014

Sad kids

I wish I could help more

Day 89: First 251 house dinner!! Burrito situation #251 #251orDieTrying #251hpr #100HappyDays

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