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All I Want Right Now

30. July 2014

Is to get the new Joyce Manor record, curl up in bed, shroud myself in darkness and hide away from all my responsibilities, expectations and obligations.

Which currently I have many.
Oh dear.
I hate summer holidays.

I either have nothing to do and go crazy with boredom or I somehow work myself into the floor.
Why can’t I relax?



"Lost Humanity - Innocence"
For the “Allow Me To Introduce Myself…” show at Gallery1988 (East)
Date: May 23rd - June 11thLocation: 7021 Melrose Avenue / Los Angeles, CA 90038If you’re in the area, go check it out! 
Deadly Class #1 Forbidden Planet Variant

Such a beautiful cover
This comic had such a beautiful style and all the characters were just dripping with cool.

Shit Friend

25. July 2014

I’m a shit friend apparently
It seems to be a popular opinion at the moment so it must be true
Sorry I guess

I love this photo so much

Anonymous: Are you ever coming back to Canada ?


Someone Do Something With Me This Weekend

25. July 2014

I’ve been cooped up inside all week at work and it’s just been far too stressful for me to just waste my days off in bed, I need to get out and do something.

251 Brewery

24. July 2014

So the guys and me at 251 have been talking about making some craft beer together.
I’m determined to make this happen so I’m gonna formulate a list of gear and supplies by Friday night then get the cash off the guys and buy them this weekend.
We want it strong and hoppy and it’s gonna be called Gimp IPA due it being brewed in the infamous Gimp room.
It’s gonna be sick!

See you at the brew party